Insulation Services

There is a myth that basements are always damp. Nothing could be further from the truth. At Basement Waterproofing Yonkers we want to assure you that you can enjoy your basement all year round, in the best conditions. With our excellent insulation service, you can forget about moldy, cold, damp rooms and say hello to an extra living space. We use the most updated techniques and skills to get the job done in an efficient, professional manner. Our team is attentive to detail, so they will make sure to take all the proper procedures into account. Make the most out of your basement with our insulation service.

Is insulation necessary?
A lot of clients have asked us: How do I know if my basement needs insulation? Well, we highly recommend insulation if it is used as a living space. Maybe your basement is used as an Airbnb or an independent apartment. In these cases, insulation is key to provide warmth and dryness to guests and residents. Furthermore, insulation can prevent mold from growing on your walls, as well as preventing mold spores from affecting your air quality. In other words, insulation is a must if you want to invest in your house, and make sure that it is safe and healthy for everyone.

Professional materials
In order to ensure that we provide the best quality insulation service for your basement, we use the best material out there. We use specialized exterior barriers that are designed to divert water from coming indoors. We use tools to ensure sufficient air space between an exterior wall and an insulated wall. Our team is always careful with electrical and HVAC installations to make sure that the insulation does not affect other functions. We use the best fiber glass that is safe and harmless. After we insulate everything, we use super six poly to give it the final touch and give insulation an extra protection.

Benefit of insulation
Once we have installed insulation in your basement, you will begin to see the result of your investment. You can say goodbye to: paint flaking off your wall (due to moisture), discoloration on the wall and floor, water staining on the floor. You will also notice that your basement no longer smells humid or moldy. It no longer feels cold and damp. Insulation makes it easier to use your basement all year round, whether you want it as a storage area, a recreational space or an annex living compartment.

Maintenance and repairs
Ideally, insulation is one of those things that never wares out. However, like all things installed inside a house, it is normal to require maintenance service from time to time. At Basement Waterproofing Yonkers we provide an excellent maintenance and repair service for any insulation trouble that might present itself. Our excellent crew is highly skilled at detecting any sort of problem. And thanks to our specialized tools, we can fix any issue in no time. Feel free to contact us to learn more about this service.