French Drains

Installing a French drain is a great way to prevent floods in your basement. A French drain is basically a mechanism installed between your basement floor and footing, which collects water before it enters your home and redirects the channeling water to a sump pump. We highly recommend this option, as it is known to provide outstanding results all year round. The French drain is a great solution is you want to say goodbye to basement flooding in your home. Thanks to our reliable service, we install French drains in a professional, trustworthy manner.

Installation process
What does a French drain installation entail? Well, the installation process may vary from property to property. At Basement Waterproofing Yonkers we make sure to use the right techniques and skills to match each customer’s home. Our team takes several considerations into account: we determine water sources and water pressure, we also check slopes and types of soil, as well as the conditions of retaining walls. All these considerations help take the right steps in the installation process. If you still have additional questions about the installation process, feel free to ask our expert technicians so they can walk you through the process.

New property owner
If you are still in the process of buying a house that is being constructed, then it is a perfect moment to give us a call! We recommend to consider installing French drains while the house foundation and basement is being constructed. This helps engineers, contractors and technicians work in a coordinated matter in order to install the best water drainage for your home. At Basement Waterproofing Yonkers we have years of experience working with different constructions company. We will do our best to work professionally with different companies in order to give our clients the best results.

A French Drain is a great option for your home because it is very versatile. Construction contractors use it in almost every part of a residential property. It is easy to install, it does not require expensive material and it is low maintenance. It can be installed along the whole perimeter of the basement, or only in the sections where homeowners are having water damage problems. It is important to make sure that, before you install a French Drain, your house has a sump dump. This is an important element to guarantee that your newly installed French Drain works in excellent conditions.

Another reason why we highly recommend a French drain is because it is a low maintenance installation. It has a high longevity and it doesn’t affect your electricity bill. When we install French drain in your home, we guarantee great, long lasting results. Which is why, in case you have any issues that require repairs, you can call us up free of charge. We provide follow-up maintenance, repairs and emergency service to your French drain, in order to keep our clients happy with the great investment they made with us.