Basement Waterproofing Cost

Do you need to prepare your basement for the rainy season? Are you worried about sticking to a budget? Then stop stressing! At Basement Waterproofing Yonkers, we provide residential basement waterproofing at an accessible price. Why? Because we care about our clients. We know that times are tough and it’s hard to keep a house in good shape when you have a tight family budget. Our company values your family’s efforts. Which is why we make sure to create offers that are reasonable, while still maintaining an extraordinary quality in workmanship and customer service.

Making a smart investment
There are many reasons why having a basement waterproofing is a smart investment. You shouldn’t have to wait until trouble knock at your doorstep, you can prevent basement flooding beforehand. By having a proper waterproof service, you can avoid mold from building up in your home, you can avoid having to replace drywall due to water damage and you can avoid buying a dehumidifier to maintain air quality. Homeowners that have had to deal with nasty floods in the past can tell you how insurance companies do not cover most flooding damage, which means people end up spending way more in repairing their homes. Avoid all this hassle and invest in waterproofing today.

Maintenance cuts costs
We always tell our clients that maintenance is a great way to cut down on costs. By doing annual maintenance service to your basement, you can avoid having to spend on basement crack repair and property drainage repairs. You can be one step ahead of the game by having everything working 100% before heavy rains appear. Thanks to our great team of experts and their professional equipment, we are more than capable of offering you the best maintenance service in all Westchester. Feel free to give us a call to receive more information about what this service entails and the amazing prices we can offer you.

External basement waterproofing
At Basement Waterproofing Yonkers, we believe that the best solutions are in external basement waterproofing. We make sure to focus on preventing water from entering your basement, rather than finding solutions to pump it out. There are different solutions that we can use for external basement waterproofing, such as site grading, foundation waterproofing and French drain. The best solution will depend on the type of soil and construction material used in your basement. Our skilled experts will gladly offer you a customized cost depending on the size of the basement and the type of problem at hand.

Customized costs
Our company stems from the idea that every client is different, and so is every homeowner’s basement. That is why we offer customized prices for basement waterproofing. We want our service to match your basement needs. We won’t overcharge you for something your house doesn’t need. In order to provide an accurate cost of service, we offer free consultations. Our team of experts provide home visits to assess our client’s basement. We measure the size of the basement and review the construction materials. We also diagnose the main problems, in order to provide an accurate report of the recommended services and cost.